Utility Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Near Power Lines

At G&V Tree and Landscaping Services, we know that you and your family's safety is your number one concern. Trees limbs that begin to impede power lines pose a threat to your safety.  And the power those lines supply to your home can be interrupted during powerful storms if something is not done.

Utility tree trimming is a service provided when branches begin to interfere with power lines, telephone lines, and other utilities.  Many times the city or county will not take care of this problem unless it poses very imminent danger.

G&V Tree and Landscaping Services provides residential and commercial utility tree trimming to help you solve this problem.  Using our utility tree trimming services will minimize the number of times you lose power during heavy storms do to these hazardous conditions.

If strong storms cause trees to tumble in the middle of the night, we do offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services.  Contact Us today for more info!​

The power companies put the responsibility on you to properly maintain the trees on your property and when those trees begin to threaten public safety, something must be done.


If limbs from your trees are getting too close to the utility lines, call us today and we will make arrangements to help you safely prune the tree - or remove the tree if it remains a danger to the public. Do NOT attempt to trim trees yourself that are growing near distribution lines or your service line. Doing so can put you at risk of deadly electrical shock.

Trees enhance our quality of life, as they beautify our homes and neighborhoods. Yet improperly selected or sited trees can cause major problems. Storms bring trees and limbs down on power lines, disrupting service and creating very hazardous conditions. Even in good weather, a tree growing too close to a power line can endanger lives.

Call us today and we can help you maintain the trees on your property.  We can also help you when deciding what trees to plant - and where.  It's important to have the RIGHT TREE planted in the RIGHT PLACE.

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