What Are the Worst Trees To Plant in Your Yard in Falls Church, VA?

It’s no secret. Adding a few trees to your yard can bring a wealth of benefits. However, enjoying the many wonders trees offer starts with planting the right tree.

Contrary to what you might think, not all trees are good for your Falls Church, VA, home. Some species actually become quite destructive and will only wreak havoc. In the end, the potential benefits wouldn’t be worth the costs.

Are you wondering, “What are the worst trees to plant in your yard?” Read on as G&V Tree Service, Falls Church’s best tree service, shares a list of tree species you should avoid.

what are the worst trees to plant in your yard

Why Are Some Trees Bad for Your Yard?

Falls Church, VA, has a vibrant plant ecosystem. However, not all tree species can thrive here due to various reasons.

For instance, some trees are invasive species and can be extremely aggressive to other plants. Other trees either have structural weaknesses or messy seed production. Sometimes, the tree could simply be unattractive or smelly.

What Are the Worst Trees To Plant in Your Yard?

Considering how long most trees take to fully mature, the last thing you want to do is plant the wrong tree in your yard. All those years of maintenance could go to waste.

What are the worst trees to plant in your yard in Falls Church, VA? Read below to find out.

Cottonwood Tree

Many homeowners consider cottonwood trees since they grow fast, require little maintenance, and look quite beautiful. However, they have a few major downsides.

For starters, they have shallow root systems. Also, their wood tends to rot. This makes them structurally weak and susceptible to falling or developing root system damage whenever strong storms blow through.

If that isn’t enough, they also prove vulnerable to a wide range of diseases.

Bradford Pear Tree

At one point, many considered the Bradford pear tree as the ideal tree. These days, though, tree experts deem it as one of the worst trees you can plant in your yard.

In addition to its structural issues, the flowers this tree produces smell terrible. Even worse, that smell can spread throughout your neighborhood, making an otherwise pleasant time outdoors absolutely unbearable.

Tree of Heaven

Don’t let its name fool you. This tree is nowhere near heavenly. In fact, it ranks as one of the most invasive and highly competitive species around.

It is also extremely difficult to control and spreads aggressively thanks to the thousands of seeds it produces. The tree can even resprout from leftover roots.

Mimosa Tree

The unique white and pink feathery flowers the mimosa tree produces will have you thinking the tree will make a perfect addition to your yard. However, this beauty offers nothing more than a short-lived benefit.

For most of the year, you’ll have to deal with the mess the tree’s many ugly seed pods leave behind.

What To Plant Instead

If you had your heart set on adding one of these species to your yard, you don’t need to be disappointed. You have a variety of alternative options you can turn to.

For instance, instead of mimosa trees, you could plant river birch or serviceberries. Another example is the eastern redbud, which makes the perfect substitute for the Tree of Heaven.

Professional Tree Service in Falls Church, VA

What are the worst trees to plant in your yard? How can you ensure the trees you add to your Falls Church, VA, property are ideal? Turn to our tree care specialists and rely on our 35-year experience and expertise with the area’s tree planting ordinance for the solutions.

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