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We Offer a Large Range of Tree Services

At G&V Tree and Landscaping Services we are well versed in everything related to trees of all sizes. We offer Tree Trimming, Pruning, Utility Tree Trimming, Cabling & Bracing, complete Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Services, Stump Grinding, and much more. We provide an unmatched level of service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work every day. We strive to keep up with and use modern tree care techniques. Our work is also conducted by tree specialists with decades of experience. Whether you need a massive dead tree removed from a tight spot, need a delicate Japanese maple pruned, or anything between, we can help. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you with your trees and landscape.

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Tree Removal

Most of us love our trees and hate to see one go. Sometimes diseased or dead trees present no other option but removal. When weak, they can pose a threat to the safety of people and structures near them. Our Arborists understand how to identify potential hazards for a tree removal process. We use our training and experience to determine how to proceed with a removal. A trained tree specialist can mitigate safety hazards involved in the process. Hazardous trees need careful planning and execution for safe removal. Our employees have decades of experience with a mixture of techniques. We use modern practices to perform removal including the use of pulleys.

G&V Tree and Landscaping Services offers tree value damage assessment, risk assessment, hazardous tree removal, stump grinding, emergency tree services, and view clearing.  Read More

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of the most common tree maintenance procedures. In a forested environment, trees will grow well with only Mother Nature’s pruning. Trees in urban environments like in the DC area need more care and attention. Periodic pruning and trimming are essential for these urban trees. Trimming is necessary for several reasons. Sometimes trees have to need trimming to maintain a distance away from structures. Some also need pruning to create a proper growth pattern and structure. Tree trimming also improves visual aesthetics. Improper pruning can create lasting damage and may shorten the tree’s life. Each cut made has the potential to change the growth pattern of the tree. Mistakes may ruin a tree's health. We provide proper tree trimming at a valuable price.  Read More

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Stump Grinding

Stump removal requires a great deal of equipment and manpower if the stump is large. Either way, it’s ugly and dangerous, if left. It presents trip hazards, as well as a hindrance to mowing and other landscaping. We have handled all types of stumps from all sizes. We are one of the few companies who offer complete stump removal. Meaning we have the ability to remove the stump and replace it with sod or other materials. Our stump grinding is always completed by an experienced team. We always come with the right equipment and training. Contact us today about your stump issues. We are ready to resolve them.  Read More

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the maintenance of internal and external branches. We have skilled tree climbers with decades of experience at the ready. We follow the standards set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture. We take the utmost care by not using spikes for pruning. Tree pruning involves the removal of dead, dying and diseased branches throughout the tree. There are many options for pruning so be sure to ask the estimator on the proper course of action. Proper pruning will ensure that your trees be safe and healthy for years to come.  Read More

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Cabling & Bracing

Tree limbs will grow wherever sunlight is available with the right resources. When there is the issue where limbs to become overextended or have weak branch unions, a cable may help. Cables, braces, and through-rods can prolong the life of a tree. The practice of cabling trees includes attaching a cable to the main limbs inside the tree. Cabling comes in both steel or rope winch line. The cable isn't piano wire tight but instead is tight enough to support the weight and sway. When the limbs move, the cable allows the tree to not reach the point of failure. We install the cable two thirds from the branch union to the tips of the limbs. Contact us for more information about tree cabling. Read More

Crown Raising

Lower branches of trees will need maintenance to provide clearance underneath. This is both for practical and aesthetic reasons. By removing these lower limbs, we make the area around the tree more open. This may improve the view of your house or landscape. We raise the crown (or canopy) to aid vegetation growth around the tree, but also to give the tree a more uniform look. Tree elevation allows easy pedestrian access under the tree or to prevent children from climbing. Often times there are other concerns, like car clearance over a driveway or street. We are more than able to handle your tree elevating needs.  Read More

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Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction involves reducing the size of the tree’s height. We select choice branches to remove on the top with the goal of lowering the height. This is great for small select ornamental trees and vigorous small trees. We do not preform drastic topping on large tree due to bad effects to the tree's health. Click on to read more about the difference of crown reduction and tree topping.  Read More

Crown Thinning

Proper tree thinning can help to keep proper light and wind penetration in the crown of your trees. Thinning is only necessary for a tree that is overgrown or needs limb weight reduced to prevent the branch from failing. Wind penetration allows air to flow through instead of acting like a wind-sail. Reducing wind sail on a limb reduces the risk of failure. Light penetration is also achieved which encourages growth. Over thinning may have negative effects on the tree's health and structure. Click on to read more about tree thinning.  Read More

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Utility Tree Trimming

Our expert staff has decades of experience when working around energized power lines. Proper techniques are vital in this type of tree trimming because mistakes may be deadly. We use a variety of arborist techniques to reduce the risk around power lines. If the power lines are too close, we contact the local power company to shut off the power so we can perform the work. We have done utility tree trimming projects both large and small. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a tree by power-lines or utilities.  Read More


G&V Tree and Landscaping Services provides high quality landscape services to select areas of Northern Virginia. We specialize in yard clean up, plantings, mulching, lite hardscaping and commercial landscaping . Whether you are transform your property or add mulch, we will tailor a program to your property’s needs. Let's work together to enhance your landscape.  Read More

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Snow Removal

On top of all the Tree Services we offer, we also offer Snow Removal Services to plow and prepare surfaces for ice. We provide snow removal for both Residential and Commercial properties. We remove snow from parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, entryways, mailboxes, loading docks, steps, service doors, and more. We also provide Ice-melt, Skid Steer Services (i.e. Staking snow; snow relocation), and Dump Truck Services to haul snow off site. During winter storms, our crews are ready at a moments notice.  Read More

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