Tree Infested with Termites: Signs and Solutions

Is your tree infested with termites? You can implement several solutions to combat the situation and save your tree from removal.

Read on to learn how to deal with a termite infestation and how a professional tree service in Alexandria, VA can help.

How to Spot a Termite Colony

Termites are one of the world’s most destructive pests, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. Though many people associate termites with wood-frame houses, termites can also invade your trees.

Most termites prefer dead trees, though some will infest healthy trees if the opportunity arises. Certain signs can help you identify a tree infested with termites.

Hollowed Trunk

Termites tunnel through your tree, eating its wood as they go. They can leave your tree with a hollow trunk, significantly weakening its structure.

To check if your tree’s trunk is hollow, try tapping or knocking on it. Drilling into the tree can also reveal if the trunk is hollow.

Large Mound of Mud or Dirt at the Base

Inspecting your tree’s base is another way of identifying a termite colony.

If you have a tree infested with termites, its base will have a large mound of mud or dirt. This mound might contain termite carcasses, usually black with a hard shell.

Small Holes at the Base

Besides mounds of dirt and dead termites, the base of an infested tree could have small termite holes. These are the holes through which termites emerge.

Inspecting your tree’s base for wood shavings can also help you spot them.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are another common sign, especially on the trunk and at the base where your tree meets the ground.

Termite Wings

Termites grow wings as they mature and become reproductive. Also called swarmers, winged termites are one of the first signs of infestation.

Since termites shed their wings as they establish their colonies, looking for termite wings can help you identify an infestation. Get a shovel and dig under the foundation or the tree’s base to get a better look.

How to Deal with a Termite Infestation

With prompt action, you can save a tree from the destruction termites cause. When tending to a tree infested with termites:

  • Prune the infested or weak limbs
  • Remove and dispose of the infected wood piles
  • Administer a termite extermination treatment
  • Continuously monitor the tree

Effective Termite Removal Solutions

While several DIY termite treatment solutions are available, it is always best to invest in professional termite removal solutions. Without a professional service, it is almost impossible to remove all the termites and mitigate the damage.

Choosing a termite removal service gives you access to highly trained and experienced professionals. Their expertise will swiftly resolve your termite infestation.

With over 3,000 different termite species, tree professionals understand how different types of termites respond to treatments. For instance, if your tree is infested with subterranean termites, tree professionals know the precise measures to get rid of them.

Trained professionals also offer lasting solutions that will help prevent termites from returning.

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