Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your property can be a difficult and tricky task. Tree Removal Services can be dangerous and require a great deal of experience. A homeowner should never try to remove a large tree on their own. While removing a sapling isn’t difficult, hauling away a full-grown tree is a different story. Safely removing a tree means using unique equipment and a team of removal specialists. We have the training that allows us to deliver top notch tree removal services.

Lots of things can happen to your trees to make tree removal a necessity. The most common issue we see is when trees begin to rot internally. They also fall or become severely damaged by storms, which requires specialized experience. In some cases, they have minor visual decay. Once in person and aloft, we can get a better picture of the tree’s health.

Some trees may have internal issues only after the limb or trunk has failed. Most of the time arborists can detect tree defects, but there’s no silver bullet technique in arboriculture. Everything is a case by case scenario when dealing with trees. Arborists hunt for clues and analyze the findings, then come up with a conclusion. An assessment of the tree’s integrity is vital for prescribing the right approach.

We do not hire unqualified or under-qualified labor. When you hire us, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are only experts working on your property. We strive to make the entire process as hassle-free as possible.

Tree removal is not just for emergency situations. Non-emergency tree removal is just as important. Trees may have suffered from outside factors like previous wind and storm damage. They may also be sickly due to non-beneficial insect infestation. Or finally, a tree on your property may have died. In any of these cases, we’d be happy to come out and remove the diseased or dead tree from your property in no time.

G&V offers full tree removal services including a value damage assessment, risk assessment, hazardous tree removal, stump grinding, tree root problem consulting, emergency service and view clearing.

Impact Free Tree Rigging

We place a friction device at the base of the tree which reduces the weight of a heavy load by increasing friction. This allows the ground person to lower large tree limbs and wood sections. Climbers place pulleys that are for tree removal below the cuts. Pulleys reduce the wear and tear on our ropes as well as allow more weight to be handled than without a pulley. First, we make our front cut then we tie the rope. After tying, we proceed to make the back cut. Once the section of the tree comes off the back cut, the weight of the section is taken up by the rope. Once the piece clears, the climbers return to the ground and then lower the piece in a controlled manner.

Emergency Tree Removal

Trees provide significant benefits to our homes and cities. However, when trees fall and injure people or damage property they become liabilities. Recognizing and decreasing tree hazards reduces the risk of failure. At times, it is best to remove hazardous trees. If possible, plant a new tree in an appropriate place as a replacement.

We experience all four seasons here in the Mid-Atlantic. Which means extreme rainstorms, heavy snow and destructive ice. Neglected trees cause dangerous situations during inclement weather. If it’s not your home or property that is in danger, it can be human lives. Yours…or even your neighbors. Trees are so much heavier than people realize. When a large branch or a whole tree crashes through a car or structure, don’t hesitate to call us.

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If you require emergency tree removal, please call us immediately. If you have a tree that is improperly trimmed or neglected, call us now before anything unfortunate occurs. You will save considerable time and money by acting early — and you will be looking out for the safety of your loved ones and neighbors as well.


We strive to keep up with and use modern tree care techniques. Our work is also conducted by tree specialists with decades of experience.

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