Storm Damage Service

When the winds pick up this storm season, it’s a sure bet that older and weaker trees could fall victim to the storm. When that happens, property damage to your home or property can occur. That’s why we offer Emergency Tree Removal Services in the Northern VA and Washington DC area!

Lightning Protection

The purpose to install a lightning protection system is to protect your trees from lightning and reduce the risk of side-flashes to your home, business, or loved ones near the trees. LPS reduces the risk of damage to trees caused by lightning strikes, but should still not be considered a safe haven during storm events. Once a tree has been struck by lightning, it can instantly kill the tree or weaken it. G&V recommends protecting trees that are historic, matured, tall, and/or of sentimental value. Certain species are more susceptible to get struck by lighting including Oak, Gum, Maple, Poplar, Pine trees and more. Lightning is attracted to trees because they are a tall object with moisture and provide a path for the lightning to the ground.

Lightning protection systems should be recommended and administered by an arborist or a certified installer experienced with tree lightning protection systems in accordance to ANSI A300 Standards adopted by TCIA. They should also be inspected annually for any needed adjustments or replacements.

If you have fallen trees or branches on your property, call G&V Tree Services! Our crews are on standby when the weather gets bad due to government contracts. We will be there to help you clear any downed trees or large branches.

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If you require emergency tree removal, please call us immediately. If you have a tree that is improperly trimmed or neglected, call us now before anything unfortunate occurs. You will save considerable time and money by acting early — and you will be looking out for the safety of your loved ones and neighbors as well.


We strive to keep up with and use modern tree care techniques. Our work is also conducted by tree specialists with decades of experience.

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