Crown Reduction

The Mid Atlantic Area has favorable growing conditions for many different tree species. Some non-native tree and plant species are invasive and others blend in nicely to the this landscape. As the size of these trees increase, the stress placed on their limbs, branches, and trunk increase as well. Crown Reduction is the pruning of selected limbs at the tree canopy to reduce the height of the tree.

Topping Is Not Crown Reduction
Tree topping is an older form of tree pruning that was widespread before the 90s. It’s even performed now by fly-by-night tree services. Smaller trees that have vigorous growth can take topping cuts. Tree topping was originally used on fruit trees to increase their yield. The problem with this technique occurs when someone cuts a tree that is tall and reduces the height drastically. Larger trees have a harder time to seal larger wounds and water sprouts become the new canopy for the tree.

When topping a large tree there is a risk of compromising the structural integrity and health of the tree. The water-sprouts growing due to the topping cuts will become large vertical tree branches. The issue with this is that water sprouts are not meant to be 30 to 40 feet tall. The branch union of a water sprout is drastically different than the branch union of a limb. In conclusion, when topped trees become taller, they pose more of a risk than a solution.

How Crown Reduction Is Different From Topping
Crown Reduction is a time consuming technique and is more of an art than a science. It requires significant experience and training to perform this service. The difference between us and other tree service companies is that we do not cut down to water sprouts or leave large stubs with small lateral branches. We selectively reduce the height of the tree while making the appropriate lateral pruning cuts. This means that we cannot reduce the height of large trees drastically. A routine crown reduction will train the tree canopy to maintain a lower height.

Certain species of small trees that have vigorous growth can withstand topping cuts. When topping small trees, the tree looks unpleasant for a season. During the next growing season, new growth will replace the topping cuts and after some time, the tree will be full of growth and at the desired height. To maintain trees at a desired height, trees may have to be pruned more frequently.

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