Crown Cleaning

When the tree branches become overcrowded or overgrown, the tree may need cleaning. Crown cleaning is our process of cleaning the interior branches of a tree. We can achieve proper structure, increase light penetration and reduce wind damage. While aloft for crown cleaning we also perform a general pruning.

Proper crown cleaning can help you to keep proper light and wind penetration in the crown of your trees. cleaning is only necessary for a tree that is overgrown and if a limb needs weight reduction through cleaning. Crown cleaning may also reduce the risk of wind tree damage.

HOMEOWNERS should be careful not to over-prune or over-thin your trees. OVER-cleaning does more harm than good when dealing with a mature tree.

Wind penetration to the crown of a tree creates a place for air to flow throughout the tree. The problem is if wind passes an overgrown tree it acts like a sail on a boat. Reducing wind impact on a limb may reduce the risk of failure.

Light penetration means the sunlight reaches the interior of the tree crown. Sunlight is essential for tree health. Stripping off water sprouts may hurt the tree. We selectively trim unneeded water sprouts, while keeping the proper sprouts. Water sprouts also shade the bark from over-exposure by the sun. Filtered sunlight through the tree also helps lawns and flower beds.

When performing a tree cleaning we also remove dead, dying, diseased or weak limbs in the tree. Crown cleaning also includes removing limbs that rub together or against other trees.

We always inspect any tree thoroughly before deciding any course of action. Crown cleaning requires an assessment of the branch structure and the tree’s health before any work is performed. When done right, crown cleaning prolongs the life of a tree and may protect limbs against wind damage.

If you have any questions about Crown cleaning or the pruning of any of your trees, please feel free to contact us today! Our tree care experts are always here to help answer any questions you may have.

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