Protecting Trees From Wind: 5 Tips

Trees are robust, beautiful additions to many homeowners’ yards, but they need some help from time to time. Strong winds are one of the most damaging effects your tree will deal with regularly, so if you want to keep your tree healthy and strong, you must deal with it head-on. 

Keeping a tree protected from harsh winds isn’t too difficult or expensive. Most older, healthy trees will have no problem standing steady against all but the most severe winds. Younger trees, however, will need some more help to maintain their stability.

Fortunately, Alexandria’s tree service professionals at G&V Tree Service are here to help you protect your trees from wind. Here are a few simple tips to keep your tree safe and secure on those exceptionally windy days.

Keep Your Tree Healthy

The best defense a tree has against strong winds is actually itself! Trees are adapted to deal with harsh environments, including heavy winds. But in order to protect themselves, your trees will need to be healthy and resilient. 

Keeping your tree watered is one of the best ways to keep it healthy. A healthy tree that gets regular hydration will stand tall against heavy winds. You’ll also want to prune any dead branches to keep excess weight off the tree whenever possible.

A healthy adult tree will see its tree roots anchor it into the ground, keeping it heavily resistant against even the strongest of winds.

Utilize Tree Support Stakes

Using tree support stakes is an easy and affordable solution for protecting trees from wind damage. This method is highly effective on smaller trees that don’t yet have the bulk to support themselves.

With proper placement, tree stakes can keep a tree from toppling while allowing it to grow unhindered. Tree stakes will give the tree time to secure itself into the ground and develop its root systems.

Find a Safe Location for Your Tree

One of the best ways to keep a tree safe from harsh winds is to keep it out of the path of heavy winds. When planting a new tree, you’ll want to find a place in your yard that is less windy while still being relatively sunny. 

With proper placement, a young tree should only have to deal with minor winds. Once the tree grows larger and more resilient, it will keep more leaves and branches whenever heavy winds come.

Planting in a proper location will keep your tree growing while minimizing the chance of it uprooting during a wind storm. Just make sure large deciduous trees have the space they need to grow.

Attach a Protective Tree Covering

Tree covers are an effective way to help young trees resist heavy winds. These covers fit over the young tree and help keep it from losing the branches and leaves that help sustain it.

These covers are also an ideal way to prevent younger trees from frosting over, so there’s no better option when a winter storm is coming. Just remember to remove any tree coverings once the winds and frost have passed.

Get Some Help from the Pros

Keeping your tree healthy is the best plan for protecting your trees from wind, and the best way to do that is with professional help. 

Here at G&V Tree Service, we know how to handle any tree emergency. Our team of experienced and educated tree experts can help keep your tree safe and healthy, regardless of what mother nature throws your way. 

If you want the best for your trees, give us a call at 703.337.3080 today to set an appointment.