Tree Care Professionals in Reston, VA Share Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is the season that precedes winter and is the period where your trees lose their leaves, becoming easily susceptible to diseases and dehydration.  The water levels in the soil are very low and the low winter temperatures are not good for the health of trees. Trees require adequate care and treatment before the start of winter to prevent their death or infection. The costs of tree removal and the risk of damage to property by dead trees are far more than maintenance. 

Important Fall Tree Care Tips 


This involves covering the tree base with organic or porous materials, including dried leaves, ash, wood shavings and other biodegradable materials. This serves as manure for the tree by decaying to provide nutrients for the tree and also conserves soil moisture by preventing excess evaporation of water. Mulching is important to equip the trees against the harsh winter weather. 

Watering And Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer should be applied to the soil to help complement the soil nutrients that have been used up. It replenishes deficient nutrients in the soil and improves soil integrity, allowing optimal tree utilization and healthy growth. Adequate watering should also be done to prevent tree dehydration.

Tree Pruning And Trimming

Pruning involves the removal of dead and diseased limbs from the tree. This improves the outlook, aesthetics and health of the tree, preventing the uncontrolled spread of infection. Pruning also requires the help of experts to prevent making cuts that will expose the tree to diseases. 

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