G & V Tree Service, a leading tree service in Alexandria, VA, is offering reliable tree care services. 

Whether you require tree removal services or emergency tree services, G & V Tree Service has the experience and expertise to handle it.

G & V Tree Service has a team of highly trained professionals who use the latest techniques to ensure that every job is done safely and efficiently.

4 Expert Tree Services Offered by G & V Tree Service

If you want your trees to be properly cared for, you should trust G & V Tree Service to handle them. Here are four expert tree services offered by G & V Tree Service:

1. Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an important part of tree care that involves the removal of dead or diseased branches to improve the tree’s health, appearance, and safety. G & V Tree Service experts offer this service to help maintain the tree’s shape and prevent branches from interfering with nearby structures.

2. Tree Removal 

Do you love your trees so much and would hate to see them go? Sadly, trees get to that point in their lifespan where they are too weak or infected and have to be removed. 

In situations like this, you need a professional tree service like G & V Tree Service to safely remove the tree without causing any damages to your property. 

3. Stump Grinding 

After a tree is removed from a property, stumps are left which can be unsightly and retract from the property’s appearance. G & V Tree Service experts can handle stumps of all sizes to get rid of them safely.  

4. Utility Line Trimming

G & V Tree Service offers utility pruning services to residents and businesses in Alexandria,  VA who have trees that are in close proximity to power lines or other utility lines. This service involves the careful pruning of tree branches close to utility lines to prevent them from interfering with power lines and causing power outages.

About G & V Tree Service

Whether you need your trees removed or land cleared in Alexandria, VA, look no further than G & V Tree Service. 

G & V Tree Service has been offering expert tree care services to residents and businesses in Alexandria, VA, for over 16 years.

G & V Tree Service’s team of certified arborists are committed to providing reliable tree services, including crown raising, crown cleaning, tree removal, cabling and bracing, and utility tree trimming.

Visit its official website or call 703-569-2570 to get a free estimate.

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G & V Tree Service, a leading tree service in Mclean, VA, is offering reliable tree care services. 

Whether it is routine tree care or emergency tree services, G & V Tree Service has the experience and expertise to handle any job.

It uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that every job is done safely and efficiently.

4 Expert Tree Services Offered by G & V Tree Service

Here are four expert tree services offered by G & V Tree Service:

1. Tree Pruning

This service involves the removal of dead or diseased branches, as well as the selective trimming of live branches to improve the tree’s health, appearance, and safety. Tree pruning also helps to maintain the tree’s shape and prevent branches from interfering with nearby structures.

2. Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a pruning technique used to reduce the overall size of a tree’s canopy by selectively removing the upper branches. G & V Tree Service experts offer this service to help improve the tree’s structural stability, reduce the risk of falling limbs, and address issues with tree branches interfering with power lines or other structures.

3. Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are techniques used to support weak or damaged branches by installing cables or braces between the branches and the trunk of the tree. This helps to reduce the risk of branch failure and can help to prolong the life of the tree.

4. Utility Line Trimming

This service involves the selective pruning of tree branches that are close to power lines or other utility lines. Utility line trimming helps to prevent branches from interfering with power lines and causing power outages or other safety hazards.

About G & V Tree Service

G & V Tree Service is a full-service tree care service that has been offering expert tree care services to residents and businesses in Mclean, VA, and the surrounding areas for over 16 years. 

Its team of certified arborists and tree care specialists is dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality tree care services. They have the knowledge and expertise to assess the health of trees and determine the best course of action to keep them healthy.

It offers a variety of tree services including tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, and utility tree trimming. With its commitment to safety and professionalism, it has become the go-to tree care service for residential and commercial property owners in Mclean, VA.

Visit its official website or call 7033373080 to get a free estimate.

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G&V Tree Service is a leading Franconia, VA, tree service which specializes in providing cost-effective, reliable, secure and high-quality tree services to homeowners and businesses in the area.

Its team of experienced specialists are dedicated to providing residents and businesses in Franconia, VA with tree care services that are second to none. It provides a variety of comprehensive services to help maintain and protect trees and shrubs, including pruning, trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding.

4 Expert Tree Services Offered by G&V Tree Service 

G&V Tree Service offers several expert tree services. Here are four of them:

1. Tree Removal

Tree removal is the process of removing a tree from its current location. G&V Tree Service offers this service when a tree is dead, diseased, or posing a risk to safety due to its size and condition. 

2. Tree Pruning

G&V Tree Service helps prevent further damage or breaking of branches, as well as improve visibility and aesthetic value by offering tree pruning services to residents and businesses in Franconia, VA. Tree pruning is the process of carefully removing dead or excess branches to promote the healthy growth and shape of trees.

3. Utility Tree Trimming

Utility tree trimming is the process of cutting back parts of a tree that interfere with power lines. This service is often needed for trees that have grown too big and are causing power outages. G&V Tree Service offers this service to residents and businesses in Franconia, VA to reduce loss of power. 

4. Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of using stump grinders, a specialized grinding machine to shred the woody portion of a tree stump above ground level. This service is useful for creating space for garden beds, planting new trees, and landscaping projects.

About G&V Tree Service

If you’re looking for professional tree service to properly care for your trees, G&V Tree Service is your best bet.

It is a family-owned and operated tree service that has provided tree care service to businesses and residents in Franconia, VA for over 16 years.

It offers a variety of tree services like tree removal, stump grinding, utility tree trimming, crown reduction, crown raising, tree pruning, cabling and bracing, snow removal, and crown cleaning.

It is licensed and insured and therefore very reliable and trustworthy. You can trust it to handle any tree situation you may have.

Visit its official website or call 703-337-3038 to get a free estimate.

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Trees are an important component in any landscape. They offer numerous benefits, such as providing shade, purifying the air you breathe, and enhancing your home’s curb appeal. However, there are times when trees can pose serious safety risks.

If you have any concern about your trees, call a professional tree service in Fairfax, VA. G&V Tree Service is here to prevent and to rescue you and your family from an emergency tree removal situation.

The Fairfax tree service offers an array of tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, and snow removal. They also handle all your tree-related issues. If you need an experienced professional for emergency tree removal, contact G&V Tree Service for a free estimate today.

When It’s The Right Time To Call Experts For Emergency Tree Service?

After weather disaster

Regardless of the season, storms can hurt the trees in your yard. Strong wind, lightning, heavy snow and rain are common causes of tree hazards. In extreme cases, these fallen trees can damage your home, vehicle or knock off electricity in the neighborhood.

Tree is Diseased or Looks Sick

When trees are diseased, or sick, they become weak and hazardous. Branches from the weak tree can fall off suddenly, causing serious damage to your property or resulting in personal injury.

Also, diseases such as fungi or viruses can easily spread to other trees in the neighborhood, resulting in huge economic losses. Common signs of tree disease include dead branches, holes in the bark or leaves, stunted growth (in young trees) and discoloration.

If you notice any strange developments in your tree, call an expert to quickly inspect the affected tree and provide the right solutions.

Tree branches or root encroaching in your home

If you notice a branch hanging dangerously close to your home’s structure or the root spreading to the foundation, consider having it removed before it does serious damage to your property. Severe weather such as heavy wind or hurricane can knock the tree down, causing damage to your roof, window and other parts of your home, or vehicle.

You should also watch out for branches or roots that threaten your neighbor’s home’s structures to prevent avoidable liability.

You’re Selling Your Home

Keeping a tidy, beautiful landscape can boost your home’s value when selling your home. Part of the things you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal include removing unsightly stumps and cutting down damaged or overgrown trees in your front yard.

f you have a dangerous tree on your property, call the expert at G&V Tree Service at 703.337.3080 today for professional tree inspection and removal service.

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Although the city’s authority has a primary goal of encouraging the residents to preserve trees, they also recognize that it may not be possible in all cases. If your tree poses potential threats to your damage or others, you may be allowed to carry out the necessary tree work to prevent the danger.

However, residents of Reston, VA must obtain a permit, in most cases, for any tree removal services. City of Reston Tree Ordinance requires an application to be submitted with a certified arborist explaining a tree needs removal. If you need the help of  Reston tree service for a tree removal permit, contact G&V Tree Service.

Tree services offered at G&V Tree Service includes:

Acceptable Reasons For Tree Removal In City of Reston, VA

According to the information on Fairfax County’s official website, the county will not permit removal of hazardous tree(s) that are located on private property unless the tree(s) threaten the public at large. Here are some of the acceptable reasons for tree removal in Reston, VA:

Encroaching Trees

In Reston, VA, it’s common to see trees that are close to buildings or utility wires. When this is left unchecked, the tree can cause damage to the surrounding building on fall on the power line, especially during a severe weather condition like storms, hurricanes, lightning or heavy rain. If you have such a tree on your property, your first port of call is a professional Restore tree service.

Sick Trees

Although rare, trees can fall sick due to activities of pests, fungus, or disease. If nothing is done on time, the sickness may deteriorate and cause irreversible damage to your tree. A sick tree can lose its strength and stability, making it more vulnerable during a severe weather like storm or hurricane. You may be permitted to remove a diseased tree provided all options to restore it have been exhausted. 

Dead Trees

A dead tree can fall suddenly without giving a warning. A fallen tree can obstruct free movement on your property, damage your home or injure your family. After a tree is certified dead, the last thing you want to do is continue keeping. Contact a professional tree service in Reston for emergency tree service.

G&V Tree Service has developed protocols and processes that give you the solution that you desire without damaging the surrounding structures. What’s more is, you don’t have to worry about a tree service permit.

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Every homeowner or business owner needs to pay close attention to the health and growth of their trees, especially during the winter months. Your trees deserve utmost care and attention to survive the winter period and even beyond. There are simple but effective tips you can follow to keep your trees in great shape during winter.

Winter Tree Care Tips For Healthy Trees


During the early period of winter, you simply should add a thin layer(not more than 2 inches) of organic mulch under your tree’s drip line. Mulch protects the soil and tree roots against extreme weather conditions and reduces water loss from soil. Importantly, you should wait until the ground freezes before mulching to stop mice from making your mulch their abode.


Winter sun and wind cause extreme drying conditions for broadleaf evergreens, such as Pieris, Rhododendron or Mountain Laurel. To prevent this from happening, simply spray an anti-desiccant, which acts as a protective cover for leaves with a waxy coating, to reduce moisture loss.


To protect your trees from sunscald(trees planted on the west or south sides of buildings are usually the most affected), cover trunks with crepe paper tree wrap. Starting from the bottom, wrap the trunk, overlapping layers by one-third. You can stop wrapping just above the lowest branches. You can take away the wrap in spring.


Another important thing you can do to keep your trees healthy and safe is blocking rodents by wrapping trunks with plastic tree guards, starting from the base and taking it upward. Ensure you wrap past the snow line.


This is a reminder that trees are usually dormant during winter, which makes it an ideal time for pruning. It is quite easy to inspect your tree’s structure and identify diseased or dead branches during this period. When you prune your trees the right way during winter, you are setting up to blossom afterwards. To get the best results from pruning, it is recommended that you hire a certified and experienced arborist like G & V to handle the whole process.

Where To Find The Best Tree Care Company In McLean, VA

If you are in McLean, VA and need expert tree care services, you definitely should give the guys at G & V a shot. They have a team of certified arborists with several years of experience. They specialize in tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, snow removal and storm damage service.

Book a FREE consultation today, visit their official website or call 703-337-3080

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Winter is the time when your tree is in dormancy. The way you treat and care for your tree during the cold months of winter will determine whether they’ll see the next spring in good health or not. G&V Tree and Landscaping Services is providing tree health consulting services for homeowners and businesses who need help to keep their trees in perfect shape throughout the winter months.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Tree Healthy During The Winter Months?

Even though it’s cold and wet out there, there are some steps you can take to ensure that proper preparatory ground is made for your tree while preparing them for booming spring months. Tree care experts in Arlington provide the following essential tree care tips for the winter time:

Prune With Caution

Trees go into dormancy during winter, making it a perfect time for you to prune. Pruning is the process of cutting away some parts of portions of a tree that are dead, dying or diseased. Pruning is best carried when trees are young to establish good structure and prevent damage such as limb failure and abnormal growth in the future.

However, pruning isn’t always an easy task. Delving into the work without prior experience can leave your tree damaged especially when a part is excessively cut, leaving over bleeding of sap..

Protect Your Trees From Freeze

Winter is characterized by extreme cold weather with long days of snowfall. Drop in temperature can have many devastating effects on your tree’s health, and this is why you need to protect your tree from the winter freeze. Young trees and some tropical species cannot withstand freezing temperature below 32 degrees. You can cover your most vulnerable trees with burlap, sheet, or tarps.

Prevent Dehydration

Winter is an essential nutrient for your tree to survive which they get at a very low rate during winter. To keep your tree hydrated, you should establish a culture of watering your trees, especially the young ones regularly.

If you need help keeping your tree healthy during these winter months, don’t hesitate to speak to the tree care experts at G&V Tree and Landscaping Services. For more information, visit their official website or call (703) 569-2570.

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As winter approaches, it’s important to consider pruning and trimming for optimal tree health. Tree care essentials, trimming and pruning should be a routine part of arbor maintenance. Maximizing the benefits of a proper trim or pruning, the time of year is a vital element to consider. This will prevent any unnecessary damage from occurring due to adverse weather conditions or seasonal predators. Most trees and shrubs enter a dormant stage during the winter season, which makes late winter an ideal time to perform a proper pruning or trimming.

One principle to keep in mind when trimming and pruning is that more can always be cut if necessary, but no cut can be undone. Keeping this in mind can prevent serious missteps when trimming and pruning, protecting the target plant. Beginning small, the caregiver can work slowly and carefully toward the desired result. Trees and shrubs should be left with 1/3 or more of its previously existing structure so as to ensure that the plant retains the foliage and branch necessary to promote new growth when spring arrives.

A the “Three D’s” principle may also be helpful to keep in mind: dead, diseased, and deranged. Dead wood is an important target for removal, as is diseased material. “Deranged” limbs should also be removed. These are limbs that are growing awkwardly, or in unwanted directions.

Proper equipment is very important, both for the safety of the operator, and for the health of the plant. Bypass pruners are an excellent option, as are pruning saws, amongst others. While motorized equipment may allow the job to be accomplished in a less labor-intensive manner, these types of tools can also be far more difficult to control. Because of their ease and efficiency, they carry a greater risk of serious mistakes being made. Motorized trimming and pruning are best left to professionals with adequate training. 

G&V Tree Services strives to preserve, protect, diagnose, and care for all of their clients’ tree and shrub needs. With state-of-the-art equipment, and a different perspective on Tree Services, G&V endeavors to provide their utmost honest solution to each tree’s situation. With 35 years of experience, the certified arborists at G&V Tree Services works hard to bring modern tree care techniques to bear for each and every client.

To request a free estimate, call G&V Tree Services at 703.337.3080, or visit their website.

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