Debunking the 5 Common Myths About Trees

Just like technology and fashion, tree care methods become obsolete over time. Common tree care methods that were popular a decade ago are no longer practiced today. Here are some myths about trees to help keep your landscape beautiful.

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Myth 1: Trees Can’t Get Too Much Water

It’s true that trees absorb so much groundwater that they rob nearby crops of their water supply. In areas with regular rainfall, it is not necessary to supplement the natural water supply. Most people don’t realize that trees die more often from overwatering than from drought.

Myth 2: Surrounding the Tree With Mulch Helps It Thrive

 This is one of the most common myths about trees. You have probably seen beautiful yards with lush trees surrounded by domes of mulch right against the tree trunks. A couple inches of mulch can benefit a tree, but adding too much can do more harm than good.

The best way to add mulch is to apply a little bit at a time and to stay several inches away from the tree trunk. Don’t pack down the mulch. Leave room for air and water to reach the ground level.

Myth 3: You Should Plant All Trees the Same Way

Planting a tree is more than just digging a hole and putting a sapling in the ground. Each species of tree requires specific conditions in order to thrive. Improper planting will end up wasting your time and money as a tree dies within the first year.

Proper planting techniques will help your trees live a long and healthy life. Before planting a tree, consider how much light it needs, the type of soil it prefers, and how tall the tree will grow. 

If you aren’t sure what types of trees will thrive on your property, take a look at your existing trees. Knowing what types of trees you have will help you determine the type of soil present and give you insight about what other trees will survive.

Myth 4: Soil Amendments Are Necessary When Planting

If you have good soil, adding amendments when you plant trees is not a good idea. The tree roots will thrive in the areas that have amendments and fail to grow beyond them, resulting in a subpar root system. Trees without strong roots are more likely to fall over as they age. 

Part of proper tree planting is knowing what your soil needs. If you determine soil amendments are necessary, add them throughout the entire area and not just in the hole you dig before planting a tree.

Myth 5: Tree Roots Destroy Sewer Lines

This one may surprise you, because plumbers commonly make service calls to repair sewer lines damaged by healthy tree roots, or so you may think. In reality, tree roots don’t cause sewer line damage. 

Sewer lines are typically made of clay and become damaged over time. They leak water into the soil along with other nutrients that trees love. Tree roots quickly respond to the excess moisture and grow toward the broken sewer line.

 By the time a plumber comes to assess the situation, tree roots may have grown close enough to become intertwined with the sewer line. 

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