Is Tree Cabling a Good Idea: How is it Done?

In the world of tree care, there are many services that your trees might need. One of these services is tree cabling, which can be highly beneficial for your trees.

You may wonder, “is tree cabling a good idea?”. It is one of the best things you can do for your tree’s health, especially when you contract tree cabling and bracing in Springfield by G&V.

Here, we examine when tree cabling is beneficial and when it is not.

What Is Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling is a simple way to help support weak branches. It guides the tree’s growth by using extra-high-strength cables and bolts to hold tree branches and limbs in place, preventing them from breaking, growing awkwardly, or bending.

Tree cabling gives a tree the support it needs to continue growing properly.

When Is Tree Cabling a Good Idea?

When is tree cabling a good idea?

You should contract tree cabling installation if you wish to:

Protect Your Tree from Winter Winds and Snow

Cabling helps keep branches strong enough to withstand the elements during winter. This support system spreads out their weight, so they’re less likely to break off due to high winds and heavy snow.

Help with a Weak Branch

Cabling involves extra-high-strength cables that hold weak tree branches in place, creating a solid support system that stops weak branches from breaking. Eventually, these limbs gather enough strength to grow as they should.

Guide Proper Tree Growth

Cable installation stabilizes a growing tree. It can save a healthy tree with a storm-damaged split trunk, preventing it from completely splitting apart. Cabling can provide support systems for heavy branches growing awkwardly, gently guiding them towards the proper growth pattern.

Help Older Trees Maintain the Proper Structure

The most common cause of tree failure in mature trees is co-dominant stems. Tree cabling can prevent stress due to co-dominant stems on older trees, gently training these limbs to grow correctly.

When Is Tree Cabling Not a Good Idea?

Tree cabling and bracing cannot help in the following circumstances:

Replace Pruning for Healthy Growth

Pruning always supersedes cabling for a good tree structure. You should always prune the tree over tree cabling when possible and view cabling as a supplementary solution.

Replace a Damaged, Dead, or Diseased Branch from Breaking or Falling

If a branch is a diseased or dying, you should cut it off. However, tree cabling can help a healthy storm-damaged branch or limb to grow strong by itself.

Save a Dying or Already Dead Tree

Tree cabling cannot save a diseased, dying, or already dead tree. Contact an arborist to schedule tree removal in these cases.

Contact Your Preferred Tree Care Professionals for Service Today

When it comes to the health of your trees, acting sooner rather than later is always best. If you wait until a problem becomes obvious or even dangerous, you may have left it too late to save your tree – or at least to save it without extensive work.

Complex services such as tree removal, tree cabling, and pruning trees near power lines are jobs best left to the professionals.

So, is tree cabling a good idea? G&V Tree Service can help answer that question. We can assist you at any stage of the tree care process, from planting and taking care of your trees to pruning, trimming, pruning, cabling, and tree removal.         

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