How To Stop a Tree From Growing in Falls Church

We love tall trees that provide lots of shade and beautiful buds. But sometimes, a tree can grow a bit too tall and cause different kinds of problems for your property. When that happens, you might wonder how to stop a tree from growing. 

You can’t really stop a tree from growing, but you can take a few steps to delay its growth and make it safer for your property. As a highly rated tree service specialist in Falls Church, G&V Tree Service, Inc. can explain limiting factors for tree growth and what to do about overgrown trees.

how to stop a tree from growing

How Can You Tell If a Tree Is Too Big for Your Property? 

So, how can you tell if a tree is getting too big in the first place? Aside from its obvious size, a few other signs can indicate that a tree is growing too large for your Falls Church home, like:

  • It has branches hanging over your driveway or roof
  • It has roots that are pushing up against your fence or pavement
  • It has branches that are touching nearby powerlines or other trees
  • It has leaves that look more dull than healthy

You may also need to address a tree that is too large if the shade it provides is preventing you from growing nearby plants or if it poses a potential threat to your neighbor’s property. 

How You Can Address and Slow Down Tree Growth

If you’re wondering how to stop a tree from growing entirely, you’re out of luck. But you can learn how to slow down its growth and protect your property. Here are a few things you can do.

Hire a Professional for Corrective Pruning and Crown Reduction

If a tree is getting too large for your property and has too many branches hanging over your home, an experienced arborist can help with corrective pruning services. This service involves cutting away damaged or weak branches to reduce the tree’s canopy and improve its health. 

Since improper pruning can harm your tree, it’s essential to hire a professional arborist for this service. 

Use Growth Regulators

Arborists sometimes suggest using growth regulators to reduce a tree’s growth rate. They inject these hormones into the tree’s base to essentially reduce how many nutrients and other resources the tree takes in. These injections also help improve the overall health of the tree by helping it adapt to local conditions. 

Arborists can also suggest alternative solutions for overgrown trees, such as root barrier installation for trees with invasive root systems.

Learn More About Tree Growth Control Methods by Contacting G&V Tree Service in Falls Church

If you’re wondering how to stop a tree from growing too big for your home, our G&V Tree Service team can help. We can maintain tree size through pruning or other solutions like growth regulators and more.

From planting trees for confined spaces to knowing what the worst trees to plant in Falls Church are, we work hard to provide reliable services and keep our customers in the know. Call G&V Tree Service at 703-569-2570 for all your tree care needs and learn more!