Crown Raising Services

Crown Raising before and after photo

Often times when we are caring for a tree we will see that we need to "raise the crown." The Crown Raising process when we remove lower branches to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, mowing, and provide a better.

This service is done with extreme care. Excessive limb removal could negatively impact the structural integrity of the tree. Not only does the process enhance a tree’s look, but it also serves to protect structures by making trees safer.

When performing any crown raising, two-thirds of the tree’s total height should be left intact. For young trees, branches deemed temporary can remain along the lower stem to protect trees from sun-scald.


  • Increased yard light for better grass growth and planting at lower levels
  • Increased mobility under trees for mowing and pedestrian/vehicle traffic
  • Clearance for cars parked in a driveway
  • Enhanced safety for pedestrians on the street/sidewalk
  • A manicured look

The best time for any pruning is during the dormant season. Most trees withstand pruning during the other seasons, except the Elm species. Elm trees' deadwood may be pruned year round but not live growth. This is due to the fact that Elms have low water content inside the wood. This allows healing to be slower than most trees.

Low hanging branches can negatively affect a home's curb appeal by blocking its view. Low hanging branches and dead limbs can present hazards to vehicles and pedestrians. Also, cities and counties will send you a letter if your trees are a hazard to pedestrians.

Removing harmful low-hanging branches provides definite benefits for a property owner. Not everyone is skilled enough to perform their own tree pruning and crown raising. It's not as easy as cutting off low-hanging branches. Cut too many limbs and it may affect the tree's health. Ladders can also pose a risk if not used properly.

Tree care takes training, skill and patience. If you’re uncertain about the services you need, give G&V Tree and Landscaping Services a call today.

All work performed according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Standards and (ANSI) Z133.1 Safety requirements for Tree Pruning Services.

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