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G&V Tree and Landscaping Services, Inc was founded by the Galo-Velasquez brothers in 2001. G & V Tree and landscaping Service, Inc is a company promoting and practicing modern arboriculture which is the care of trees and shrubs.

G & V business philosophy and practices are a constant focus on professionalism, guaranteed customer satisfaction and maintaining high arboriculture standards. G & V focuses on good ethics, integrity, good will and educating the public why proper modern arboriculture is so important to each of us in this ever changing environment and important for our continued existence. G & V is constantly keeping up with technology and changes in our profession.


Tree Services

The tree is dead, dying, or considered irreparably hazardous. The tree is causing an obstruction or is crowding and causing Read More


  Commercial & Residential Landscaping Aeration & seedin Only available in select cities Turf Fertilization Sod Read More

Snow Removal

Commercial & Residential   Includes:   Snow Plowing, sand/salt application, side walk, Icemelt, application, Skidsteers service.   Call G&V Tree Service at 703-569-2570. Read More


I can’t say enough great things about G & V. I called because one of our maple trees had been knocked down during a storm. Came out for a very reasonable estimate next day which led me to add the removable of some branches from our neighbor’s monstrous tree. They arrived on time, removed the tree the blink of an eye and planted our new one. They even added mulch to our other maple which was so nice of them. They did an amazing job of the branch removal which was not easy since it was all by hand. Not for the faint of heart! Got a lot of advice on how to keep our trees healthy. You can tell they have a passion for what they do. Can’t wait to hire again for tree pruning and landscaping projects.

Carolina Leon-Duarte |

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